About Mediation

Mediation is a form of assisted negotiation where parties to a dispute work together to resolve it with the guidance and assistance of an independent third party – the mediator. There is no presentation of evidence, no witnesses or expert witnesses.

Most disputes are suitable for mediation as it allows even the most complex disputes to be settled or managed to the mutual satisfaction of both parties, without unnecessary loss of time and money.

Court-annexed mediation proceedings can be conducted in all regular and specialised courts of first and second instance, at all stages of the proceedings.

The mediation procedure is initiated upon:

  • a proposal by a party to a dispute, accepted by the other party,
  • a joint proposal of both parties for an amicable dispute settlement or
  • a third party proposal (e.g. judge in court proceedings).

Mediation is a fast and efficient method of resolving disputes. Its speed, simplicity and cost make it a suitable alternative in dispute resolution.


Advantages of mediation:



Reinforcing the system of court-annexed mediation

Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014 – 2021

Ministry of Justice and Public Administration – Directorate for Civil, Commercial and Administrative Law

Norwegian Courts Administration and Judicial Academy

Brief project description:
The project includes an element of cross-border cooperation. An analysis of the existing mediation system will be conducted, in comparison to other European countries, in order to highlight the possibilities of improving the Croatian mediation system. Cooperation will be achieved through study visits to those countries in order to gain insight into the functioning of their systems of alternative dispute resolution. The mediation systems of neighbouring countries will be compared with the systems in Northwest Europe. Moreover, sociological and legal reasons behind underutilisation of mediation will be examined. A manual on court-annexed mediation will be developed. 500 professional employees (judges, lawyers, civil servants, judicial advisers, state attorneys) will be trained to mediate. The awareness campaign will target judicial staff and the public.

General project objective:
Strengthening the efficiency and effectiveness of the justice system

Total project value:
EUR 1,500,000

EUR 1,275,000

Implementation period:
15/06/2020 – 31/12/2023 (42 months)

Contact person and e-mail:
Arijana Kozlevčar, Arijana.Kozlevcar@mpu.hr

Projekt je sufinanciran sredstvima Norveške darovnice.